Monday, November 12, 2012

Preston trip

  These are some of our most favorite moments from our trip!  We love being with our family, having Hunter hang out with his Cousins.  Visiting Hudson's Grave, seeing all the rollings hills of Preston and visiting as many family members as we can in the short time frame we are there to visit.  We feel very blessed to have such wonderful family and it sure was fun to show Dax off to all of them.  And also we have loved keeping this tradition of spending Halloween and Ryans birthday with family.  Don't know if we will do an October trip again as we realized kids are busy now with school and tons of extra curricular things that it makes it hard for us to spend as much time with everyone as we want.  So this trip was a bit bitter sweet as I realized we may only be headed over there in the summer time now.  Man how life does change but this trip went by fast but man oh man it was a fun trip.



Natalie Smith said...

I love your family picture!!! Beautiful!