Monday, April 27, 2009

Graders, tractors, loaders, busses.......planes and busses too

OK so I first need to start out by letting you all know that this love for these started a while back. Grandma Kepler and Grandpa Kepler got hunter some books that had big machines in them and needless to say he was in love. Typical boy right???? Well hunter is so good now he can name any vehicle that we drive by or that drives by our house. It has been really neat living right on the main street with really huge windows in our house because hunter is totally excited with every vehicle that passes. It is so cute to hear him talk about each one. Ryan and I will really miss the day when he grows out of this stage. Just to hear him talk about them with his cute words that he is trying so hard to put together.

To him a loader is a "WHOA COOL OADER"



and construction site is "WHOA COOL"

When he says it is sounds like "Tach-Thor"

Whenever he sees a plane or a helicopter he puts his hands up with excitement and shows us. As soon as it is gone he always says "GON-A"

And whenver he sees a plane he says "plane" Then when it is gone he goes... "Gon-A"

And a school bus is a "bee-bus" And he loves it when it stops and lets kids out
We sure will miss all these cute things won't we????

Monday, April 20, 2009

Our day at Willow Park

We had such a fun day today with all the cousins. Shannon and van were in town today so they joined julie and the kids and us and we all went to the park for the entire morning. Hunter loved every minute of our walk around the nature park. His most favorite was the bobcat as he kept meowing like a kitty cat. Ryan was able to join us for his lunch hour which made our day even more fun. I know we will be regulars at this park. The first two pictures are of all the Johnson cousins. It is not very often we are all together and even more amazing is that they were all looking at the camera.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

This was quite the morning for hunter! He loved getting 1 Easter egg during the hunt and gave his 2nd egg away to a little boy. I was surprised at how fast the eggs vanish in a mad dash for candy. Kids are like vultures!!!! Then as you can tell from the Easter bunny photo hunter was loving sitting on his lap. Pretty much I would say for his 1st real Easter egg hunt he did great and as for the bunny! They are kind of scary!!! His most favorite part was riding the little train!

Our 10 days in Washington!

Hunter and I were able to go home to Seattle for 10 days to welcome my little brother home from his mission! 2 years is a long time to be away from family but he was so fun to listen to when it came to all his experiences in the past 2 years. I was excited for him to meet Hunter and they hit it off right away. It was a busy trip and I am happy to be home but here are some fun pics of everything.

Hunter loved spending time with Jared especially when they looked for planes in the sky.

Hunter kept loving on the statues! It was so cute!
I love that my brother still takes goofy looking pic's
Hunter had some tired moments on this trip!

It was great to see my best frieds new little one Chase! He is so stinking cute!!! He has lots of good siblings to love him all the time. Chrissy and Todd sure was good to see you guys.
Sure was fun to see Grandma Holt

Elder Kepler Getting home from Belgium!

This was so excited to wait for Jared at the airport! We are so proud of him for the past 2 years of service he has done.
Waiting for my brother to get off the plane!
We are so proud of Jared! Here he comes!!!!!
This was everyone that waited at the airport to see Elder Kepler! The Willard drove all the way from Moses Lake just for this moment!!@!
Handsome huh!!!

Fun with new friends

What can I say, he loved eating the chocolate more than making the cookie.

Surprisingly hunter did really well in this Easter egg hunt!

A few of us ladies got together with our kids and decorated eggs and had a easter egg hunt. It was fun.