Monday, November 30, 2009

Picnic Fun!

Every once in a while Hunter and I have a little picnic! As you can see, he loves them!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Wild Red Nauga

So as many of you know I love to buy and sell things! I find killer deals and well I sell them and make an even cooler deal on them after I refinish them! However, with that said, I have not attempted re-fabricing yet but I plan on it one day! Pic's do not do this set justice I LOVE THEM!!! So comfy and so CUTE!!!! 75$ is all it cost me for this set and even my mother says she would put this set in her house. This however was only after she visited and saw it in person! However, before my dad ever saw it he wrote me this and I just wanted to make sure I had a record of this. He comes up with the best stories and I love that about him.

Sorry I am sharing this so late but I just thought it was so worth sharing even though I have now had this couch set for almost a year!

Dear Daughter,
What can I say? Uhmmmmm.... It looks kind of Dr. Scuessish. The "Cat in the Hat" comes to mind. I guess I can call Pappi and Foxy "Thing One and Thing Two". And that would leave Hunter as the "Cat in the Hat". I can see why now you struggled getting it down the stairs. Well I'm getting all the paper work for a "Mega EMS" class put together so back to the coal mine I go.

The Wild Red Nauga
By: The Dad

The sky was green or was it gold
When "Dad" slinked out of bed
Crawled into his suit And hit the road.

Red eyed Rabbits jumped as the bike flew
A Owl sat in a tree and called ..Who, Who, Who are you
An innocent rider I replyed
Looking for the Rare.. Red.. Naugas Hide

The Dad swerved, The Dad swiped
But the Rare Red Nauga went unseen
And the Dad arrived at the Station sweaty, lean, and mean.

Work is fun is neat
But whats this?
Not as fun as AriAnnas new red seat.

The internet showed what Dad had feared
The Nauga had left
And all fellow naugas wished him well and cheered.

The Wild Red Nauga The Dad sought
Left Washington weeks ago and he had looked
That morning for naught

Red and big a fire engine the Dad loves to drive
But AriAnna new furniture is red and big
And made........ horror of horrors
From the wild Red Naugas hide!

The chair they say was the last of the heard.
Foolish, a lie, nonesense, how absurd.
For Naugas come and Naugas go
And At the theatre last night they filled the whole show.

Getting it down brought a sweaty scheen
And the mice in interest watched as they observed from the TV screen.

So rest in peace worry not and enjoy your Red seat
Have Ryan relax lean back and kick up his small feet.

Thing one and Thing two are excited to smell
The hide of the Nauga so soft and red
As the family sits and and enjoys TV
On the Red Naugas hide
Who is Dead

Thansgiving Weekend

Things I loved about Thanksgiving weekend this year:
It was at my home, the food was great, family was there, the cousins had fun, the cleanup was not that bad, the Preston Idaho festivities, going to see Santa, decorating for Christmas and having such a wonderful little boy and husband that enjoy spending time together! Oh and I can't forget Ryan Surprised me and we went on a date to go see new moon!!!! It was the Best! And I totally cant forget that when Hunter sat on Santa's lap it was so cute! Santa asked,"What do you want for Christmas." Hunter replied LOUDLY, "Thomas!" It was so cute!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday cuteness!

So this past Sunday was such a busy one! Church, then the Cantata practice with 2 of my YW's and then I raced back to the church to try and help setup for our Young Woman in Excellence but my wonderful counselors and advisers were done by the time I got there! Starting out my day however, I took one look at Hunter and realized what a good and handsome little boy he is! I quickly had to wipe back a tear because I new it was all part of life. He is so my pride and joy and I love every thing about him! One of my most favorite things lately is that he always asks me to take a picture of him and he does this cute little face and says, "cheese" and then runs over to see it. It gets me every time how stinking cute it is.

On a last note, I just wanted to say how wonderful our Young Women in Excellence program turned out to be! I love the girls and the leaders I get the privileged to work with! Our theme for Sunday was "Color me Beautiful" and it truly is what being a YW is all about! I love the opportunity I have had to work with them they are all so wonderful!

Messy Messy

Anyone who knows me knows I AM A CLEAN FEAK!!!!! I see my child might not be!!!! Oh well he's cute so I'll manage! By the way YES that is him asleep in his bed! Worn out from all the fun I guess!

Strutting his stuff!

Can't get cutter than this! Hunter found a pair of my boots and pulled out his trumpet and went to town marching all around the house! Don't mind that he hardly ever has pants on these days! Free spirit I guess!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Fort time!

Ok so one thing I totally have always loved about living in older homes is that there is just so much space! Today I wanted to organize this nice storage area in our hallway and then it hit me! I have so much room in this thing Hunter could use this whole bottom section for a FORT!!!! So with no delay we got to work! I got it all organized in the upper cabinet and he had a ball in his NEW FORT!!!! Life is so great!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hunter and Friends!

Hunter just loves to play with friends! He is such a social little guy and would spend every day with friends if he could! I only wish we could just play all day long with all our friends! Oh to be 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lynn Auger

This has been a great weekend to celebrate the life of Lynn Auger! He will be missed but I am sure he is in the company of many that have gone before him! What a blessing it is to know Forever Families are possible!


Oh how I Love each season! Yesterday it started snowing and it has pretty much been off and on all day today! How clean and pretty everything looks!

Monday, November 9, 2009

We miss you!

He has such a beautiful little grave! We love that we are now able to visit him! I don't like to go often as I want to celebrate his life rather than his death! Thank you for spending 19 days of your life with us! We miss you little Hudson!

Hunter loves gong to "Brothers" grave! He helps me clean it and always loves to pet the statue squirrels that are on his resting place!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I caught you!

As parents we know quiet always means YIKES!!! As I went down stairs I hoped it would not be anything too major and this is what I found! My mirror covered in Makeup and my little BOY covered in Mascara! Amazingly he actually did his eyelashes pretty well! Needless to say, maybe he needs a little more distractions when I am putting on my makeup! Something to improve on I guess! Can't believe I had to use Makeup remover on my 2 year old BOY!!!!!!! I have a feeling I am not the only one out there though that has found their little BOY in this same situations!

It made me laugh!

Side Profile! Check out those BLACK eyelashes!

Yikes way to much Mascara DUDE!!1

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Girls Witch night!

Ok about 2 weeks ago we had a large group of us from church head to N Logan to go to this woman's home who goes all out in decorating NICE WITCHES!!!! As you can see I had a blast. I could not believe the work that had gone into doing their faces and bodies but it sure was neat. (the little girl I am holding is my good friend becky's little girl) It was such a fun evening!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mom I'm Reading!

Hunter says to me, "Mom I reading" Just wanted to share a laugh!

Monday, November 2, 2009

A blast of a weekend!

So there was just so much that took place this weekend I am excited to blog all about it! As many of you know Ryan turned 30 on the 30th of October so I wanted it to be a birthday he would not forget! Needless to say, "I don't think he will forget this one." The day before Hunter and I passed our fliers giving out Ryan's cell number and email and asking anyone to text or email him! At about 10 in the AM, Ryan calls and says, "Why are so many people texting me....????" It was awesome! Thanks for all that did that for me! Then we had lunch with him and he assumed I was up to something because his brother Kameron got in from New Mexico and met us for lunch with his cute little family! That's not all though.... At 5pm that night we had one party going on at my house that was just missing the B-day boy! He arrived and we had an evening of fun! After everyone left and I cleaned up we headed to another Halloween party and a little TRUNK or TREAT!!!! Hunter was one cute CHICKEN!!!!!!
Day 2 of our weekend was wonderful as well! My sister in law and there wonderful family were sealed in the temple. For those of you who may not know what that means I will explain. In our religion we believe that marriages and families are not only together on this earth until we die, we also believe that after we die we can be forever with the people we loved here on this earth. I love that I know that my family here will be my forever family in the life after this! if you want to learn more!
Then after that beautiful morning we came back to my house and yep ANOTHER PARTY! Anyone that knows me well knows I love a good party. There is nothing better than a house full of people eating and laughing! Then after everyone left we all went TRICK or TREATING as a family! We had the cutest little monsters EVER!!!!!!
I loved this weekend!
I dressed Hunter up to go see daddy for his 30th bday!

His oh so cute cake!

Happy 30th my LOVE

Shannon and Van with with there Forever family!

Everyone that was at the Temple!

The kids just loved looked through the leaves for candy! It did however turn into a fun scene!

Happy day for the cute family!


Hunter just loves being will all of his cousins!

"Who you calling chicken?"

Hunter really got into this Trick or Treat thing! In fact I have a super funny story! So we get out of the car to go Trick or Treating and before I could stop him Hunter was Pounding on some persons garage door! I ran up and told him that was the wrong door so in a flash he took off into these peoples back yard and made it all the way to their deck door before I could get him! He really got into this door knocking this year! It was so cute!