Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ryans last day at Smithfield Chiropractic

Well today was Ryan's last day at this office! It has been a great year but we are now headed out to Spokane Washington where Ryan has taken a great job! We will miss the Cache Valley but good things are ahead!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Temple Craft

Although this post should have been posted back in the first part of December I wanted to keep these a surprise from my sister in law and mother in law for Christmas. I was so excited to host this party with a ton of my friends that I enjoy crafting with! This is a little bit of a unique party as the items we were crafting were a little on the fancy side of things! The class was so much fun and took about 2.5 hours to complete the whole project! There are so many people in this valley I will miss and I hope they know that! Thanks so much for a fun craft night and thanks Alicia for letting me use your nice large garage rather than my house!!!!
Here is a photo of all three of the ones I did! Then I included Darlene and her Temple picture. She loved it and I can't wait to see Shannons reaction!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday Fun

We always have fun during the holidays, not only do we have Christmas and New Years we also have a couple Bdays right around now that always make it a fun filled holiday weekend. First we had Kaitlyn's 3rd bday party and we got to ride on the sled and have lots of fun! Then we had Kameron's bday surprise party and then of course our Christmas eve games up at Kameron and Julies that always break out into some sort of a fun filled paper fight! Then last but not least Christmas! Here are few fun shots from all of our fun times this past little while! Hunter was loving all of his presents! Santa brought him a Thomas bike and that was a hit! He also got a few other things like his so cool PJ's of Thomas, some much needed clothes, a little train set, a remote control bulldozer and a few other things! He has been so great about playing with each one a little and then goes on to the next one and so on! He was so cute with every present he oohed and auhed!!!!!!!!

However, I will add that poor little Hunter was a trooper but sick yet again, this makes 2 times in December he has gotten the Flu bug and lets just say we have spent lots of cuddle times on the bathroom floor! Sorry buddy!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas the Night Before Christmas at the Fire House

All growing up my dad would write a new T'was the night before Christmas EVERY YEAR!!!! It is a tradition in my home growing up that I love and am so glad he has continued it even after we left home. I can remember no matter was I was for Christmas, I would always call and ask him to read me the version he wrote that year. Some years I even get a hard copy of the new story, I stole this one from his glog. Love you DAD

T’was the night before Christmas, when all through the firehouse...
Not a creature was stirring, not even the fire mouse.

The bunkers were hung in the rig compartments with care...
In hopes that in a house fire they soon would be worn there.

The Firefighters were nestled all snug in there racks...
With visions of aid calls, fires and CPR heart attacks.

Captain T in his boxers and a fire Tee shirt he wore...
Lay down for a long winters night and thru the door you could hear him snore.

Then over the intercom there arose such a clatter...
The crews of Engine and Aid 71 awoke to see what was a matter.

I sprang from my rack to the response of the call...
With Scotty, Dave, Paul, and BR chasing me down the hall.

Out the bay doors the rigs flew like a flash ...
With Paul Lyons getting so excited he threw up on the dash.

The opticoms bounced off the snow flakes of the new falling snow...
As Keith drove the engine medium fast not slow

Then what to our wondering eyes should appear...
But a red glow on a two story single family residence in the nights sky and we all yelled with a cheer.

More rapid then eagles the firefighters came...
For we had to move fast before the house ended up in a large ball of red flame.

As engine 71 arrived Captain T yelled for an axe and a TIC...
Then Tom the Battalion Chief got there and yelled out the attack commands so lively and quick.

Now 71 attacks the fire, and 73 be RIT...
76 pull the ceiling and Ladder 74 you guys get to the roof and vent.

To the top of the porch to the fire in the hall now dash away dash away dash away all.

The blower was started and in the front door it's wind like a hurricane blew...
With the guys on ladder 74 climbing the Aerial and to the roof like a cat they flew.

Starting their saws and cutting to the peak with glee...
When astonished they bumped into three reindeer's times two, plus another three.

Meanwhile the guys in the house were soaking the fireplace down...
When Santa made that fateful choice to climb in the chimney and almost drown.

He came out of the hearth soaked and matted from head to foot...
With his clothes washed clean from all the ashes and soot.

His soaked bag of toys lay across his back...
And for a moment it looked like the jolly old boy might be having a heart attack.

Then a piece of wet sheet rock from the ceiling fell with Santa beneath...
And smoke from the fireplace encircled his head, now exposed, like a wreath.

But a wink of his eye and a twist of his head...
Soon gave me to know there was nothing to dread.

Quietly he stood and pointing through the roofs hole...
It was obvious that Rudolf, not a fire, was the source of that red glow.

A few gifts lighter then up the attic ladder Santa arose...
And so Captain T radioed to me to stop the water and start rolling up the hose.

Santa sprang to his sleigh as we all called it a night...
And the red glow was soon lost, in the darkness, to the firefighter’s sight.

But he was heard faintly to say as we were getting ready to leave the scene...
Merry Christmas to all units and to all units’ code green.

Bunkers: Fire clothes
TIC: Thermal imaging camera
Blower: Large Fan
RIT: Rapid entry team
Opticom: Turns trafic lights green
Code Green: return to quarters

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jared who???

A picture says a thousand words and this one speaks for itself! I love my brother!!!!!! And apparently he loves PJ parties and Santa in College! Gotta love it!!! Love you Jared!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Moving Train

The other day I had Kaden over to distract Hunter from the Chaos of moving and it worked! Those two had so much fun together and will sure miss each others company! I was so impressed that they made a moving box train I just had to capture the fun! It was so cute because Hunter and Kaden would switch positions so that they could both be drivers and cabooses!!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I brave mom!

So Hunter has to go in for regular blood work and usually it is quite the ordeal however on Thursday we took him in at it was a little different!

So I take Hunter to the hospital for blood work and as we walk in he looks at me and says, "mommy I brave!" It was so cute because he just kept telling me and the lab techs how brave he was. Then when it came time for the poke he put his arm up and just squinted a bit and said, "OHHHHH that HURTS!!!! But I brave!!!!"

He is such a cute kid! So with no tears and no screaming we left with one BRAVE HUNTER MAN!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Santa's Letter

Last week I took Hunter the the local library to do reading time and part of it was they got to write Santa a letter! Hunter was more excited about the free Thomas book he got for doing it but I was so excited to see how he would react once he received a letter from the big guy! And it came today and Hunter was so excited! He has been carrying around his envelope all day!

Family Night

On Monday we had grandma and papa come over and make cookies and a candy train! Good times

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pizza time!

Ever made grilled pizza's???? Well ours turned out so yummy!

Winter Fun

Well we had our first major winter storm and although we have tried to keep on top of the shoveling it seems to be coming down as fast as we can get rid of it! Oh how I love winter fun! Hunter loves to help out in the process of cleaning off the deck and driveway and then this morning Hunter and dad made an Igloo!!!! Fun times in Idaho! We sure will miss this place!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Well since the cat is out of the bag, I figured I should probably add this to my items to blog, WE ARE MOVING!!!!!

So last night at mutual we were all chatting and laughing when one of the other leaders said, "I heard the funniest rumor..... I hear you were moving...." Then she exclaimed "but my husband and I both new that was so not true." Well my face showed it all, I said, "Who told you that?" We both looked at each other and it was at that moment everyone found out that the JOHNSON's are MOVING!!!!

Where you may ask as we were sure we would probably live in the Cache Valley forever!!! We have accepted a really great job offer over in Spokane, WA and will be there by the 1st of the year! We are so excited for the job opportunity but like any move we have made, we will miss our friends and family most of all! I swear one day we will be all settled and look back at our soon to be 7 moves in 6.5 years and say that was a fun adventurous time in our lives. But as the picture above, this is a little how I feel at the moment! So yes for those of you that know me know that I have already begun the selling of my furniture and hope to downsize a large portion of our stuff in 3 weeks. FUN FUN!!!!

Bed Races

One of the things that I think is so funny about Preston is they do an annual BED RACE down main street! I don't know really how it originated or why they do it but they do and we go and cheer them on! As I looked in the paper today I saw this picture and I realized I am taking up more of that picture than I wish I was! Then of course there is Hunter in the blue coat and Kaden in the Red coat! We had a good time! Yipee for traditions right?? I might add, this is the team ryan used to participate with and YES he even wore those red PJ'S!!!!!

This was them waiting in the truck cuz it got so cold! Oh how the cousins all love each other!


So my good friend Becky and I decided a few weeks ago we would go and support one of our very talented YW while she danced in the Nutcracker. It was so cute I enjoyed every second of it!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Holidays

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Decorating!

I love the Holidays! Ryan and I were so excited to decorate with Hunter this year! And he was a pretty good helper when it came to setting up our Christmas train! As for me I was busy getting out all of my most favorite decorations and setting them up! I do love this time of year! I love the smells, the music, the lights! Hunter's most favorite decoration is the Gingerbread house that lights all up! Every year he seems to love this one the most so I am always so excited to get it out! Happy Holidays!!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Colby Pomeroy

Just wanted to share a few photos of the busy Elder Pomeroy! One of my very good guy friends all growing up married a gal from Las Vegas, Guess what, her parents are Elder Pomeroy's Mission Presidents. Totally cool!!!! I have been able to go and and read all about what is going on in his mission! You look good Colby! Enjoy Rock Hill with Elder Joshua Packer.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Picnic Fun!

Every once in a while Hunter and I have a little picnic! As you can see, he loves them!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Wild Red Nauga

So as many of you know I love to buy and sell things! I find killer deals and well I sell them and make an even cooler deal on them after I refinish them! However, with that said, I have not attempted re-fabricing yet but I plan on it one day! Pic's do not do this set justice I LOVE THEM!!! So comfy and so CUTE!!!! 75$ is all it cost me for this set and even my mother says she would put this set in her house. This however was only after she visited and saw it in person! However, before my dad ever saw it he wrote me this and I just wanted to make sure I had a record of this. He comes up with the best stories and I love that about him.

Sorry I am sharing this so late but I just thought it was so worth sharing even though I have now had this couch set for almost a year!

Dear Daughter,
What can I say? Uhmmmmm.... It looks kind of Dr. Scuessish. The "Cat in the Hat" comes to mind. I guess I can call Pappi and Foxy "Thing One and Thing Two". And that would leave Hunter as the "Cat in the Hat". I can see why now you struggled getting it down the stairs. Well I'm getting all the paper work for a "Mega EMS" class put together so back to the coal mine I go.

The Wild Red Nauga
By: The Dad

The sky was green or was it gold
When "Dad" slinked out of bed
Crawled into his suit And hit the road.

Red eyed Rabbits jumped as the bike flew
A Owl sat in a tree and called ..Who, Who, Who are you
An innocent rider I replyed
Looking for the Rare.. Red.. Naugas Hide

The Dad swerved, The Dad swiped
But the Rare Red Nauga went unseen
And the Dad arrived at the Station sweaty, lean, and mean.

Work is fun is neat
But whats this?
Not as fun as AriAnnas new red seat.

The internet showed what Dad had feared
The Nauga had left
And all fellow naugas wished him well and cheered.

The Wild Red Nauga The Dad sought
Left Washington weeks ago and he had looked
That morning for naught

Red and big a fire engine the Dad loves to drive
But AriAnna new furniture is red and big
And made........ horror of horrors
From the wild Red Naugas hide!

The chair they say was the last of the heard.
Foolish, a lie, nonesense, how absurd.
For Naugas come and Naugas go
And At the theatre last night they filled the whole show.

Getting it down brought a sweaty scheen
And the mice in interest watched as they observed from the TV screen.

So rest in peace worry not and enjoy your Red seat
Have Ryan relax lean back and kick up his small feet.

Thing one and Thing two are excited to smell
The hide of the Nauga so soft and red
As the family sits and and enjoys TV
On the Red Naugas hide
Who is Dead

Thansgiving Weekend

Things I loved about Thanksgiving weekend this year:
It was at my home, the food was great, family was there, the cousins had fun, the cleanup was not that bad, the Preston Idaho festivities, going to see Santa, decorating for Christmas and having such a wonderful little boy and husband that enjoy spending time together! Oh and I can't forget Ryan Surprised me and we went on a date to go see new moon!!!! It was the Best! And I totally cant forget that when Hunter sat on Santa's lap it was so cute! Santa asked,"What do you want for Christmas." Hunter replied LOUDLY, "Thomas!" It was so cute!