Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Etsy here WE come

Check back to see what pic's I will be adding later on but I just had to share a few more right now! The Burnt Yellow one is so going in my dining room as it moved up to my favorite one thus far! We have really loved all of the feedback we have gotten and we have had so much fun making them for a couple of you! Can't wait to start selling them online as well. Ryan and I are such a good team because he builds them and I do all the finishing touches like paint, knobs........ SO FUN

Sunday, August 22, 2010


We had so much fun yesterday at Silverwood! It was our first time going and we decided to take Hunter especially where my wonderful brother Jared gave us 2 free tickets he had from volunteering there at the beginning of the summer! Hunter was so brave it was not even funny! The only ride he Hated was the rafting "Thunder Mountain" ride! He only hated it because we were in line 1.5 hours and then he go soaking wet and cold! Other than that he had a blast! The water park was short lived as it was so not warm enough to be in the water! So we pretty much spent 8 hours going on ride after ride after ride and I swear had there not have been height restrictions on those big roller-coasters or other huge rides Hunter would have been all over it! I even took the plunge of fear and YES I screamed the whole way down!
I loved our Family day together at the end of this wonderful summer!

Here is the proof that I took the Plunge!!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Class reunion

So sad I had to miss my class Reunion today but that's ok I will go to the next one! I did get to help put the DVD together and it turned out great! Hope everyone had fun! Horay for 10 years past!

Friday, August 20, 2010


This is what we showed up to yesterday at the pool! A whole blissful 1.5 hours of less than 8 kids in the whole pool! Don't know how we got so lucky but we did! However, our wonderful QUIET pool day was abruptly ended when a little one RALFED in the pool!!!! YUCK but hey, we all got free passes for another day of fun in the sun!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Totally Shabby

So I paid a guy a buck for this antique table the other day and as he is helping me to the truck with it it crumbles into pieces! He felt so bad he tried to give me back my money but I was more than happy to pay the buck I TOTALLY SAW POTENTIAL!!!! And after putting it back together and some TLC here is the final product Before and AFTER!!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

TV anyone?

Yet again my child makes me laugh when he is in watching cartoons! If only his positions looked comfy????? Anyways I loved this moment and just had to share! And YES he is awake but he was in this position for a while! OUCH

Monday, August 16, 2010

Chalk anyone

If anyone is interested we are making these for $65 dollars and under! Depending on the size you want they are anywhere from the largest one $65 to our smallest one $35! Of course you would have to pay for shipping as well if you are not in Spokane! Let me know what you think! Ryan and I are going to start up and Etsy act and start listing all of our projects we are pretty stoked!

Dimensions are 44x19 and it is a chalk board so you can write your to do list for the day or whatever! Also it has 3 coat hooks so you can decorate however you would like! I have mine in my dining room SO CUTE

Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm a big boy now

Look who is officially a big boy now!!!! Good job Hunter it only took 4 days and he is doing amazing! I tried a friend of mine's technique and it worked!!!! Lets just say, for boys and potty training and summer time I let him aim at rocks for fun! Totally got him excited about wearing big boy undies and 4 days later he has not had any accidents and goes in the toilette just fine! YEAH HUNTER!

Community Service

My dad hard at work!!!! He loves stopping the fire engine at Youth Car washes so they can spruce it up for him! Can you tell they loved the job!

Love in life

The only thing this picture is missing is Hunter's YELLOW blanket but otherwise the milk and the sippy cup are up there when it comes to Hunters LOVES!!!! I love it when he brings me a full gallon of mild down two flights of stairs!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


On Friday night Ryan, Hunter and Me went to the Spokane Shock game! I had never been to an arena football game before but let me tell you, the energy was like none other, it was AWESOME!!!! We had so much fun and Hunter really enjoyed himself as well!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


So today I volunteered to be one of the Leaders and an 11 stake Youth conference! It was amazing and I have no Idea why I even wore mascara because by the end of the day I did not even have any left on my eyelashes.

First we listed to a man who was the first LDS baptized soldier in Iraq.
Second we listened to a mother who lost her child in the Iraq war.
Third we listed to a general who was over that woman's sons division.
Then we did a service project! (made Christmas and Thanksgiving cards for the soldiers)

Then we had lunch and check this out.... I am only 6th in line out of 3 thousand! Have no idea how I got so lucky but I did!

Then we went back inside to listen to Ja'Nette speak! She was amazing and I fell so blessed that I know her and love her dearly!

The whole day was wonderful and even though I cut out a bit early I was so greatful I had the chance to go and listen to so many inspiring people!

Our newest project

Oh this one was a very tedious project but turned out amazing! If only my before pics turned out better I could show you what we were dealing with! Anyways, just picture beat up, rickety and dingy stain and that is what we had until we did this!!!!! So we redid the top and did everything else black!!!! This was a bigger project than we like but it sure turned out nice!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Things Hunter likes at age 3

He has to talk to anyone on the phone that calls and surprisingly he can hold a pretty good conversation.

He is not a big eater

He still does thumbs up with his pointer finger

He is just about potty trained

He loves to play with other kids

He LOVES milk!!! And this is such an understatement

He does not do really well at night yet he tries to end up in our bed

He loves the water

He talks a ton and is very clear in his words

He asks us questions like, "mom, what is your favorite cake (color, animal.....)

He loves to go to Nursery

He wants to go to school on the school bus so bad

He LOVES snakes (can even identify what kind of snakes he sees in book.....)

He loves little babies, whenever he sees them he asks for one

He hates to wear shoes

He loves to ride his bike and is getting so fast

He has a name for every park and as a mom I had better remember them

He loves to wave at people even strangers

He can through a huge fit and he knows just how to drive me crazy with it

He loves to hang on the cart side at a grocery store (apparently that is how a snake would do it)

He loves to Jump and is very daring

He is such a leader

He can say prayers now

He still loves trains and his construction tools

He loves to help us with projects

As long as Hunter is with us he is happy! I am so grateful each day for him and for the blessings he gives to us in our lives. I learn so much from him and I think he is such a great kid!

Lucky mom

Hunter says to me yesterday,"Mom, I sure had fun with you today!"

It is moments like this I just melt. Thanks Hunter for being such a sweet boy! You are my pal and I love you so much!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I love the old world

This was a find of mine at an old house that everything was being taken to the dump! The Realtor said, "take what you want"! So I took it home and was so excited about it. As you can see it is just an antique kitchen cabinet that is in such sad shape!!!! All I did was sand it and put legs on it!!!! I did paint the top and the legs to match the doors!!!! The thing that was so fun about this piece is that the legs are from an old headboard that I found on the side of the road for FREE. Cute it up and I had cute shabby legs and now a shabby statement piece.

Here is is all done!

I love the shabby old world brought into my home. This one is a keeper! Thus far I have sold almost all of my pieces and only have 3 things in my house that I have done that I have kept. This will make 4!!!!!