Sunday, May 23, 2010

Snoqualamie Falls

Today I was thinking about one of the many places on earth I miss so dearly and that place is Snoqualamie Falls! For me I have a very deep love for this location as I worked there off and on for about 7 years growing up! I did anything from housekeeping, reception to activities, and even got to help out with some weddings! What fun memories I have at this beautiful place. When I ran across this photo I loved it and just had to share! This was such a fun place to work and a better place to visit! I love the Salish Lodge!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Good times

Dear Jared,

Even though you are mad at me I just want you to know how much I LOVE YOU! For anyone reading this, remember my blog is a time to write things I want to remember! Today I want to just let my little brother know I love him!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tillery Time

Oh I was in so much need of a Tillery fix and I got it! I have not seen our good friends since hunter was just a few months old and oh how we have missed each other. It was so fun to kinda just picked up where we left off and catch up! We sure had a grand old time! Their boys are so stinking cute and I was so sad they had to leave today! They got here last night in time for some yummy dinner and cinnamon roll making time and then we loved that they got to stay the night! I wish they lived closer but I know whenever we do get to see them we always have so much fun! Thanks for the visit guys! Can't wait to see you again in July!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Long day

I have had such a bummer of a day! I won't get into it because lets just say it is a day I wish I could forget completely! Thank goodness I have a wonderful man that stands by my side when chaos hits! Anyways it is almost 12 at night and although I am exhausted I can't sleep so I got up paid bills, cried a little and then I looked on my email and got this wonderful email from my mom! She is so stinking cute her associates degree picture got made into an advertisement and then I found myself smiling! Good job mom! Now with some warm and fuzzy feeling inside I can maybe just maybe try to fall asleep! Lets hope tomorrow brings some sort of joy!!! I need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Let me just start out by saying I can't believe I have waited this long to tell you all about SNAKES!!!! For you see Hunter is the most consistant child you will ever meet! He has always loved, Trains and Tools! However, in the past 3 months he has a new LOVE, YES, SNAKES!!!!! I don't know how this happened but what I do know is Ryan and him have to watch a snake show regularly and from the moment Hunter is awake until the moment he goes to bed all I hear is, "Mom, look snake" He knows so many different kinds of snakes it is not funny! His imagination has really taken off and every thing has to do with SNAKES!!!! HELP I hate snakes!!!! These photos below are what Hunter now makes "SNAKE DENS" and then Yes, he will sleep in them!!!! It gets a little exhausting hearing about snakes 24-7 but at the same time it is so cute! There is a show Hunter really enjoys on Animal Planet called Wild Recon! Hunter will also pretend to catch a snake, identify it, get a vial of blood for research and then yes get a vial of venom for more research! It is so funny to hear him talk about what he is doing to the snake and how he will not harm the snake he just needs more information for RESEARCH!!! YIKES! Who is this kid? And then there is the pretending he is a snake (mainly a cobra) He gets so serious and crawls around the house! Now if he is a Bush snake I find him up on the top of dressers, counters and trying to climb the walls very slowly! OH ME OH MY!!!! BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This one is a snake's den and what you can't see is he went into the garage and got a ton of rope and put it under all the pillows! Then when it came time for him to take a nap he said, "mom, can I sleep in my snake den?" Sure why not child of mine! I won't stop you from sleeping in harms way??? (thats what I wanted to say except I just said, SURE!

This is the kind of snake den he makes for himself and Yes he is inside, HISSING!!!! Be nice cobra snake!!!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Daddy time

Yesterday was so fun for Hunter because Ryan took him camping! It was the Father Son campout in our ward and when Ryan got off work he came home and got Hunter and their first stop was to KFC and then off to the campground! Hunter loved it! He loves hanging out with his Daddy and I am so glad they have a wonderful relationship! You may wonder what I did which a quite night???? I had a friend over and we ate pizza and drank pop late into the night then her and I woke up and headed over to pick up our Bountiful Basket! It was a great weekend!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh to have seen it before!

Yet again I find myself disappointed that I did not take a before shot! I have been working my royal bootie off getting our front yard in ship shape! The man that lived in our home before did not own a mower so this yards needs tons of TLC!!!! Although you can't really appreciate all this edging, cutting down an ugly tree, weeding and tons more you can at least see my progress thus far. My neighbor redid his yard and gave me all of his edging which as you can see is looking good! Still a work in progress especially because there is SO much ROCK!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My new adventure!

Dear Friends and Family,

I wanted to share this with each of you as it was a wonderful eye opener for me and my hope is to see if I can help each of you in this same matter!

When I first moved back to the great state of Washington my good friend from High School Donnie Brummer contacted me about taking care of my insurance needs! At that moment I was not planning on switching anything as I had been will Allstate for 8 years previous and had recently switched to Met life and was very pleased with what I was paying monthly! With this said, I decided to give an old friend a shot at taking care of my insurance needs! What would getting a free quote hurt anyways! Little did I know my coverage with Met Life was far from what I would want should my family and I need to use it! Thanks to Donnie I was able to more fully understand what I I was going to get with Farmers insurance, and for almost the same price I was paying with my other company! This also included fantastic renters insurance and an additional umbrella policy! I was thrilled and shocked all at the same time! Because of this excellent experience with an old friend I realized going with people you know and trust is truly worth it! This experience was such a mutually great experience that Donnie asked me if I would want to work with him in bringing new customers to his agency! I am pleased to say I am thrilled to work with Donnie and my hope is that you will each give me the opportunity to gather the info I need so that he will be able to give you a quote! If anything we would just like to make sure you are receiving the maximum coverage for an affordable price! Donnie is licensed in the state of Washington for all of you insurance needs! If you are out of the state of Washington we would love to see what we can do for you on your life insurance needs!


Ari Anna Johnson

To check him out for yourself here is his website however, if you do ask for a quote on there please just place my name in the comment section so he knows I sent you his way!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No comments needed!

A special guest

This past weekend my brother came into town to spent some time with us! It sure was fun to have him around! Him and I have always had a really good relationship and I really appreciate that! I have such a unique background when family is concerned that it is important to me to develop our relationship! This time was a little bit different of a visit be cause he brought his girlfriend with him and she was a ton of fun as well! They even babysat for Ryan and I while we went on our belated anniversary date on Saturday! It was a fun evening of Iron Man (IMAX style) and Red Robin! I wish we could go out way more than we do! Anyways back to Jared's visit! It was fun, they got in Later in the evening on Friday we visited for just a few minutes before they headed off to their Beds (of course Jared upstairs and her downstairs) Then Saturday morning started out really early as hunter was up at 5:45! So what did we do we loaded up the pups and headed to bountiful baskets so that we could spend the next hour volunteering! It was fun! Then we spent all day just hanging out with them and it was a fun opportunity to continue getting to know who my brother is since he has been home from his mission! Sunday they went to sacrament meeting with us and then they were on there way back to their own lives! Thanks for a fun time you guys! Hunter sure loves JARED!

New Calling!

So although I have been pretty busy with my calling as assistant to the Road show and then also my other calling as a Stake Camp leader (over the 3rd years). I have also been holding out on a secret I have known for over a month! I am now ALSO in the YW's Presidency as the 2nd counselor! I am so excited to be back in the YW's program! I sure miss my girls in my last ward but I am so excited to get to know a whole other group of wonderful YW! Here are some pictures that were taken this past Sunday when we took over and we said, "Goodbye" to the last presidency! They will be dearly missed by these YW's, but I know we can find places in their hearts as well and we are so excited about that!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


One thing in life my family has been dearly blessed with is good Dogs! For those of you who do not like animals YOU ARE DEARLY MISSING OUT! Dogs are truly mans best friend and they love you endlessly! Over my lifetime I have had many dogs and we all know they can't live forever! Sadly you get attached to each one of them and then you have to say goodbye! But in the end I think you gained more in LIFE from those animals than they could ever gain from us! Sierra is my parents dog that they have had since they adopted her about 7 years ago! (We think she was about 4 when adopted) Sierra started out as a very skittish dog afraid of almost everyone but my mom! It took her about a year before she became one VERY good dog! In the past 6 months sierra has suffered from what the vet's think is sinus cancer! After months of anti-biotics and loving care she passed away late last night! We are sad to see such a great part of the family go! Also a few months back my mother-in-law lost her wonderful Lab companion after 10 years of love and life together. I do wish dogs lived forever! I hate saying good bye to them! Hunter loves Sierra and as you can see she did not mind him one bit as well!

Also just had to include something that happened later after Hunter found out about Sierra's Passing.

Hunter grabs his fire enging (grandpa is a fireman)
I say, "Hunter, what are you doing?"
Hunter says, "mom I going to Heaven to save Sierra!"

That was so sweet, sad and cute all at the same time!

Monday, May 3, 2010

7 years and counting!!!!!!

Yeah to us on being married 7 years today! I can't believe how fast the time has gone by and I can't wait for many more! You are such a wonderful man and best friend to me! Thanks for all that you do and may we continue to RUST together!!!! Love you!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

1st place goes tooooooo!!!!

Tonight was so much fun and our Youth got awarded 1st place!!! This trophy will be up in our building to show off their hard work! Glad it is over and I get to spend the evenings with my family again but had such a great time! Good job Supers/Not so Supers/Villains and everyone else that participated!!!! You all did a great job!