Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ryan's 31

Today was a fun day for Ryan! We started the day out visiting a good friend of ours Kenny! Then we headed up to Kameron and Julie's for a lot of Bday fun that Shannon put together! The whole meal was spooky and delicious! Happy 31st Bday my love! Glad we were able to spend it with your family!

Halloween FUN

Tonight was so fun to watch the cousins all get dressed up and go out and knock doors! Hunter was so funny because he was more interested in what people were waring and who answered the door! After all was said and done the amount of candy he could was a small bag! Not bad at all! We sure love being with the cousins for such a fun night!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This is a funny story I must tell! The other day while I was working the Kirby people stop by and ask if they can do a demonstration. I politely tell them they have come to my house like 10 times in the past 2 months and I say no every time! I then proceeded to tell them that if they did not do a speel and just let me get back to work while cleaning a part of my upstairs I would let them in my home! They were ecstatic and came back within just a few minutes! So I call Ryan and tell him how cool it is the the Kirby guy is here cleaning my rug upstairs! After the guy had been here over an hour I go upstairs to find all of these filter things all over my floor letting me know that although I vacuum every day my carpet is still disgusting! Out of pure yuck factor I decide to take a photo and send it to Ryan, it wasn't but 2 seconds after he started calling me! Since I was in the middle of a conversation with the Kirby guy I proceeded to dismiss my husbands call about 4 times in 30 seconds! Finally thinking, "what does he want?" I decide to answer on the 5 call! He then says, "ARE YOU ALRIGHT????" I say, "YES!" He then goes on to ask me why I sent him a text that said HELP!!!!! HaHaHaHa Joke is on me right!!! I put my pore husband into a panic all because I was not observant enough to see that the filters holding all of my carpet dirt spelled out HELP!!!!! It was so funny


Grandma comes to visit

Although my mother had no voice this trip we sure loved having her! I love that Hunter has a great relationship with all his grandparents. Relationships with family is very important to me and I hope he always loves them dearly! Thanks mom for such a fun visit this time!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hunter has a new friend that he just loves to hang out with! Although they are buddies, they fight light cats and dogs! We sure love this new found friendship though! And because of this new friendship Ayden let his mommy go to class with me on Sunday! I was so excited about that!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday

This year seems different as it gets closer to Hudson's Bday! I have felt more aware of what we really lost in out lives! We lost a very special baby boy that would be 5 today! I can hardly believe that he would be 5! Sometimes I like to think of what my days would be like if I had a 5 year old and a 3 year old running around! It is in those thoughts that I feel a piece that our little man is being taken care of! I wonder sometimes what he is doing and if he looks in on us from time to time! I'd like to think he does and is happy at what we are doing!

As Hunter gets older he seems more aware that he was not the first spirit to enter our family! He asks me so many questions about Hudson and where he is! I am so glad that I feel a piece knowing Hudson is in Heaven! I know as a family we will be able to see him again and I am so grateful for the peace that gives me!

I still tear up at the very thought of hugging him or laughing with him. I wonder what it would have been like to send him off to school this year! I wonder what things he would have been interested in! I wonder how he would have been as an older brother. Although these are not things I will never know, I still wonder! I am excited that this upcoming week I get to go to Hudson's grave and leave him a flower. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him but as the years go on it seems to be easier to deal with the loss of our first little boy!

I wanted to take a moment and thank those family members and dear friends who were there for my husband and I in such a time of loss! I want you to know that each of you who cared about us at that time in our lives, helped us! I think back to that time of pure chaos and I don't have a single memory that left me feeling alone! I always had someone there to hug, and that meant so much to me and my husband! Thank you!

Happy 5th Birthday Hudson!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fun stuff

Here are just a few fun things! Hunter has loved his swing set that we got for FREE on CL!!! He loves it when he can climb up and tell us he is stuck!

Hunter has been so crazy busy lately that when he crashes he crashes!

Hunter has been loving to watch the house next door to us being built! He always love to color while he sits in the window and watch!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Crazy Bountiful Baskets

Oh to tell you about the morning I had! We do so love Bountiful Baskets but today was very different! There was a ton of mix up's with delivery and time...... I went at 7 am just to tell everyone to come back at 8:15 to volunteer or 9:15 for pickup! I left there at 7:30 to go home eat a quick bit and head back to volunteer. Crazy me should have just stayed! Guess the food all showed up at 7:35 and since no one was there he left! So when we all got there to volunteer the truck was headed to the N side where my aunt had 93 cars with people all in them waiting for their baskets that were over an hour delayed! They guy mixed up his rout bad and everyone was behind! So when our truck finally showed up at 9:30 we had a ton of help getting all the fruit and veggies out fast! Whew what a morning! People were so patient and our site coordinator did such a great job but man that was chaos!

Friday, October 15, 2010

So much to blog!

Hunter has such an imagination and he was just so proud of himself for making a TRAIN TUNNEL!!! How could I not take a picture!

I found Hunter trying to make pancakes by himself while I was working in my office! Oh it was cute! So I took 10 min and we made pancakes!

Thank you Rachel for making my day! These are beautiful!

My foster brother Cody leaves tomorrow for Boot camp! Go Cody I will miss you so much but you will do great! Can't wait to see you when you are done! This picture is of my parents going to visit him today to say goodbye! We love you Cody!

Hunter wanted to lounge while I did laundry! It was just to cute not to include!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Great Job Hunter

I was so proud of him for coloring so well! He is one serious kid when he has crayons! Just had to put this in the memory book! Great job Hunter!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Crazy girls!

Our YW's group had a very fun crazy pajama party! It was so fun to play night games, watch movies and EAT a ton of food! But what I loved most of all was that by 2am all the girls were out!!!! Awesome time Thanks girls!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Goodbye and Hello

Well as many of you know, we had a little escape artist of a frog and well after multiple times getting out and filling my days with search and rescue we decided that if Oscar returned we would let him go! Well evening rolled around and that croak of his gave him away! We put him in his cage for his last night of easy meals and home lovin! Saturday am we got up and Hunter was so excited to let him go, "mom does this mean he will get to be with his family forever?" "Yes, Hunter he will find them and be very happy."

Here is Hunter proudly letting him go return back to the wild where he belonged! Now our day is not yet over as we headed straight to the pet store to get a friend for Peter! Both have been in captivity their whole lives and are very happy. So SAM welcome to our home you cute cuban tree frog you!

Goodbye Oscar

He was loving being back in the woods!

Hunter named him SAM

This is what Peter looks like!

This is what Sam looks like!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Oscar again!

So I did not even know he was missing until I hear him croaking this am and it was loud! Well it was loud because he is in my sink and the echo is quite nice! The good thing is I know where he is, the bad thing is I can't get him out! He is just hiding down in there and Ryan said, "I will just have to undo the drain tonight to get him out!" Really 2 times now he has done thins and I even have heavy things on the top of his cage! The only thing I can think of is there is a slight little gap that I can't even believe he can fit through that! Ryan and I think it might be best to let him back into the wild! Our other frog does not know the feeling of freedom and he loves his habitat but Oscar on the other hand has tasted of such. I will let you all know what we decide. Does he stay or do we let him go? I did however scout out the most perfect swamp area that he would love with lots of bugs trees and water! He might just be one happy OSCAR if we put him there! Sad for us good for him!

WAPA Presentation

I was proud of all of Ryan's hard work yesterday! He and one of his colleagues put together a 2 hour presentation on the BACK!!!! I was excited to be the model for their presentation! My clothing choices were either a hospital gown or shorts and a tank top! Which do you think I chose????? There was one really not so funny thing that happened and that was that when we got there to set up we were a half hour early and Ryan could not get his laptop to work at all! He was starting to get nervous when he only had 3 min before start time! As it would happen we never got his laptop working but he was intuitive enough to bring his drive so that the tech was able to get ryan a spare laptop and we were in business 30 seconds before he was to start. Wow that could have been BAD! WAPA stands for Washington Association of Physicians Assistants! After the presentation we all felt really great and I know the two Doctors felt a ton of relief that all their hard work had paid off! I really appreciate the environment and people that my husband gets to work with and we just feel so blessed to be here in Spokane!