Friday, April 30, 2010

Our week in a quick overview!

Here is a few bits and pieces of our week in a nutshell! Busy Busy in the Johnson home but things are going really well!

And thus far we have had Tuesday and Wednesday of Road Show practices! Tonight is the Dress Rehearsal that they are filming and the general public can attend and then Saturday is the final performance! It is coming together so well and the youth are really doing such a great job with it!

Ryan did a really great job last night at the pack meeting! He sure is enjoying working with the younger men on getting there badges and working towards become Boy Scouts!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Letting go!!!

So the other day while we were at a track meet Ryan and I saw this vehicle and I just had to take a picture of it! I don't know why some things in life hit me with such profound meaning but this one struck a spot!
Letting go: For those of you who know me, you know that I don't get attached to anything material! Before each move I sell almost everything large that could take up space because I know I can find it and love that piece even better when I get to where I am going! So with that said, I look at this truck and think, "this must have some value to this person." To me it looks like the owner should have let go YEARS ago but then that nagging thought of..... Maybe it belonged to someone special, maybe it was this persons first car, maybe they just can't afford to replace it and it runs like a champ.... Who knows but it got me thinking!!!!! I know there are things in my life I value and I hope that one day that value ages with me!!!! Not to compare my dear, sweet husband to this Rusty old truck but isn't it a beautiful thing to want to grow old with someone!!!!! I know I want too!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Roadshow prep

So many of you will not even know what Roadshow means but some of you might! To make it simple what it is, is a chance for the youth at our church to get together every 4 years and put on a pretty fun production! Our theme is Pixar films and the group I am working with is the Incredible's! I was called to assist in this process and have been so busy with practices and set decorations! This upcoming week we have practices Tue, Wed, Thur. And then we have our dress rehearsal on Friday and Saturday evening in the performance. Busy busy but it is moving along quite nice! Here is a peak of what the set is looking like! Only a peak though, top secret stuff here! More pictures to come by the weekend! Fun Fun So you won't hear much from me this week but then I will get back to my regular blogging!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Work party

So tonight we had a get together to say goodbye to one of the gals that works at Ryan's Office! She is so fantastic and it will be sad to see her go but both her and her husband are planning on going to Chiropractic school hopefully at Western States so we wish them the best of luck! I did however just want to take a moment to say just how grateful I am to be here in Spokane! The office Ryan works out of is such an amazing atmosphere! The people I have met just in our every day happenings have also been amazing and the weather has been awesome! So with that said, it was one fun evening of visiting, great food and really yummy deserts!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vancouver B.C.

Ryan had the opportunity to do another portion of the ART training (Active Release Technique) This time he was excited to go out of the country to experience what Canada was like! Ryan had a really great trip and although he did not have a ton of time to site see he still managed to explore and really enjoy his surroundings! I can't wait to take a trip up there with him sometime! It sure is nice to have him home again but I am excited he now has more of that training behind him! Here are some really fun shots that he took! He loved all the high-rises but was surprised that unlike Seattle most of these buildings were homes rather than offices!

Canadian Art

There were so many things Ryan said he enjoyed about Vancouver, B.C. one of which was the really cool artwork that was on display for all to see! The Olympic torch was in the process of being moved to a new location but it was still pretty amazing Ryan said!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Seattle time!

Oh we had so much fun, although we missed Ryan we really did enjoy this trip! I will blog about his trip when I get his photos downloaded but until then here are some fun times from our trip!
Tuesday at 7 pm we drove to Seattle,
Wednesday Ryan left for Canada and Hunter and I stayed at my parents house, we pretty much just kind of hung out relaxed and went to the fire station to visit my dad because he was on a 48 hour shift and my mom was in school and then had errands to run! We topped of the evening with dinner at a Train restaurant!
Thursday was a day spent hanging out with my mom for the day as she had no school! We went swimming at the community center and then came home and did a little relaxing! Then in the evening I went to my good friend Steph's Bday dinner/party! It was so good to see some longtime friends. I sure miss Steph and wish I lived closer to her!
Then on Friday my dad got home and we spent the whole day packing up stuff and listing things on CL for them. Around 1pm Chrissy and Olivia showed up and I was so excited to see them (EVEN IF WE DID HAVE TO WORK THE WHOLE TIME YOU WERE HERE) Chrissy is just my bestest friend ever and I love seeing her no matter what we end up doing! Later that evening we rented New Moon and my dad even joined us and enjoyed it! Chrissy and Olivia spent the night which was way fun! Saturday was spent doing more packing and selling and then Chrissy had to leave in the afternoon and I took the next 2 hours to go out and see Stephanie and Matt for a bit! Always good to see my good friends when I am in town! Then I had to race back home because my cousin Robert and his wife were there with their kids for dinner! Busy Busy weekend! Sunday of course was church and then Ryan got home about 3pm and we were on the road by 4pm and only stopped to see the Willard's for about an hour! Oh it was a good trip!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pine wood derby

Ryan is really enjoying working with the Webelos and he sure does a good job! Here are some pics from the other night at the pinewood derby! The boy that ended up winning was a first-timer so that was kind of fun! Job well done Ryan I think the boys and their families had fun!

He can ride his bike!

It is official, we have been working with Hunter since Christmas time on how to ride his bike, HE NOW GETS IT!!!! He had so much fun today because he had figured out how to ride his bike! Good job HUNTER!

Last week Ryan had the Pine wood derby and Hunter loved that we got to go! He was so into it that he thought he was the official FLAG man that would tell all the cars to go! He was so proud of his DAD who was all in the Scout uniform at the top of the racing track! Everyone that would come by Hunter would say to them, "that's my dad racing!" Besides stepping on a nail from his Derby car he had one fun evening and so did I!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pet adventures

No lie, we took Hunter to this local Pet store because we heard it was the best place to buy stuff for our weeds in our yard! NO lie they had so many animals!!!! Tons of fish, snakes, spiders, birds and yes and ALLIGATOR!!! I would not believe it, it was so much fun! We were in there forever and we did get what we needed but had way more fun that we expected!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Heather was a very special person to me as she was my first friend ever!!!! I met her back when I first came to the United States many many years ago! She was such a happy person and I loved her dearly! A few years ago she passed away from a drug overdose! I was so sad to hear of her passing but then I realized how tough her life had been and how distant our relationship became when I went away to college! Although I loved this person dearly I realized we were going down two different roads in our life! I don't know why I'm even posting about this today but for some reason I feel as though she is close to me today! I know she loved me just as much as I loved her! I wished all the time that our lives would not have gone is such dramatic directions. I know she loved her mother, and her little brother very much! What I do know of her death is that it could have been prevented had she have had more positive influences in her life! I miss her dearly today and wanted to take a moment to remember a lifelong friend that I wish I could call and say hello to today!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter weekend!

So as you can see our last few weeks have been so busy! We had my parents in for 5 days then had my best friend and her 4 kids here for 5 days and then on the day they left we went to Boise to see family! Fun Fun!
We love spending time with friends and family! It was so good to see Grandma, Papa, Shannon, Van, and the girls! Hunter loved EVER minute of our visit with them and let me tell you we hardly ever saw the kids they had so much fun together! I sure wish we lived closer to them but it is nice we can still have so much fun on our short visits! Thanks for such a fun weekend and we loved the EASTER EGG HUNT and the fact that the Easter Bunny knew where to find HUNTER!

Best friends are so nice to have!

So Chrissy and I have been best friends for over 22 years now and let me tell you WE have so much fun together! Her husband is out of town for a few months and so I wanted to have her come to Spokane to have some fun! 5 days was just not enough, we did lots of stuff even though the weather was not quite what we had wanted it to be! The kids were great to have around and Hunter did pretty well with a house full!
Here are some of the fun times we were able to capture on camera!