Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sacred Heart Open House!

This evening it was so fun to get all dressed up and go to Sacred Heart Hospital to meet up with Ryan and Dr. Pearson at the open house for their clinic! We are so very grateful to be apart of the Pearson and Weary Pain Relief Clinics! It is so nice to work for a Dr. that is so driven and just is such a go getter! The open house went really well, we met other Dr.'s and faculty from all over the hospital! Hunter was the only little one there but like usual he got some pretty good attention and did really well! There was tons of food and drinks so it made for a really fun evening! Thanks Ryan for working so hard with Dr. Pearson to get this clinic up and running! Can't wait for you to get flooded with Patients there! Keep up the good work!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grandparents are so fun!

Spokane riverfront park is just so beautiful and we just had so much fun! Here is a few pictures about our day!

We started out running errands but then were off to the park for some fun in the sun! Hunter loved all the attention from Grandpa and Grandma! We fed ducks, we ran around, Hunter rode his first carousel (it was a beautiful antique carousel 1903 is when it was first put in the park!) We also played at a park and just let Hunter enjoy the fun in the sun while we ate and hung out! Fun Fun day even if Ryan was not able to join us this time! Thanks for always working so hard honey!
Hunter loved feeding the ducks!
This really was the most amazing carousel I have even seen in my life!

But most fun of all was the fact the the squirrels would come right up to you! Hunter thought that was so cute and kept calling them Friend Squirrels! This one came up right on my leg as I was taking a picture I was shocked!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Frank's Diner

On my mom's way home the last time she was here in Spokane to visit us she found this TRAIN restaurant and we decided to check it out this trip! Not only was the food oh so yummy but Hunter had a blast! Good finds mom!

Friday, March 19, 2010


So I am sitting here contemplating a few things and just was so overcome with emotion that I had to sit down and just type out my thoughts! Sometimes for me writing them out helps me figure out what I am feeling!

How is it that in one day you can feel so much Joy and yet so much pain! My heart is just so full today as I have one very dear friend of mine going through one of the toughest things she might ever go through! And I am not there!!!!

Then on the other hand one of my other very dear friends is experiencing one of the biggest joys in life and I am so excited for her! And I am not there!

2 dear friends both going through opposite emotions! I just hope we all take the good with the bad and the bad with the good! How blessed I am to know that everything happens for a reason!

The sorrows of death but the joys of life! I am so grateful for so many things in my life and although I myself have experienced both great Joy and great Pain I am blessed from both emotions!

This may not make a ton of sense to a whole lot of you as you may think I am blubbering but I AM and I want this to be something I remember in my life!

Baby Jude & Baby Roxy I wish I could be in two places at once!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2 peas in a pod!

Hunter has made the cutest friend ever! Kaden is his name and I have to think part of the reason he plays so well with him is because he loves his cousin Kaden so much and misses him! Kaden and Hunter are just 7 days apart and have so much in common! These two are a hoot to watch! They just play so well together and it is so nice for Hunter to have an official friend again! And the great thing about Kaden is we seem to see him wherever we go, so after a few times meeting by chance we have finally gotten together a few time now just for a play date! Thanks to his Grandma Karen for being so fun to hang out with! We played all day yesterday and had so much fun then today we met up at the park to play with a different new friend and it was so fun but YEAH Kaden showed up and Hunter was so ready to have a ton more fun! And they did! Yeah for good friends, and good times ahead! I hope these two will continue to play good together, they have the makings of a best friendship and I know what it feels like to have a BEST FRIEND!!! I am blessed and I hope for that same thing for Hunter! Who knows, it could be Kaden or ??? Guess we will see as time goes on but for now friends are just so much fun!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sand Fun

First thing this am Hunter and I got in the truck and went over to Home Depot where we got 6 bags of sand for our FREE Boat Sandbox that we got on the side of the road a few weeks ago! Hunter has been outside almost all day and has had so much fun! 2 outfits and a bath later he has successfully been outside just about all day long! He discovered that being barefoot was the best in sand!!! I think he gets that from ME! And as you can see from the pictures Pappy had his fair share of fun in the sand as well! He loved being there with us, so that was pretty fun as well! I loved that Hunter was the dump truck operator and well I was the Excavator, You know the kind you get to sit on! IT WAS FUN!!!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Wow moment

Yesterday Hunter said to me, "Mommy your a good friend!" I was so wowed I could not do anything but give him a hug! Now after he said it like 20 times I knew he was really SWEET! But he then topped it by saying, "Your my number 1 bestest!!!"

Can't get any better than that!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Just wanted to share a comment I left on FaceBook and the reaction it got was so FUN!

AriAnna Johnson started the morning out by ironing 25 shirts for Ryan!!!!! Oh it may just be a productive day!

Andria Cole Laws, ''Marlene Khaleel-Porges'' and Todd Alen Robertson like this.

Melanie Silkett Provost wrote
Aren't you ambitious!!... Don't think I have Ironed 25 shirts in my lifetime!

AriAnna Johnson responded
Ha Ha that is so funny Melanie! I hate ironing but I am trying to get better! I am

Aaron Laws wrote
Is my wife reading this? AriAnna, can you email this to her? MAYBE once a month, I'll ask her if she'll iron a shirt for me and I always get groans in return.

Aaron Laws wrote
But I think maybe I'd prefer the groans to the tongue lashing I'll get when she DOES read this and see what I just said. Uh oh.

Melanie Silkett Provost wrote
The iron we have is older than I am ... Husbands grandma's ... really only comes out if I am sewing a project

Amanda Wolfe Williams wrote
Wow you are a domesticated lady!! We just throw it in the wrinkles!!

Marlene Khaleel-Porges wrote
--better u than me!! If it needs 2 b ironed, it does not need 2 b in our home :)

Lisa Sanchez wrote
I thought that was what the dry cleaners was for?!

AriAnna Johnson responded
Aaron, I know you realize this but if Andrea does see this you are in big trouble! I can delete and pretend like nothing was said ;) And let me tell you this I have never done this willingly until recently!

Melanie, you are too funny! that made me remember that when my grandmother passed away one of the items I got was a HUGE ironing board! I gave it to the goodwill! Oh but now with my new skills I guess I should have kept it!! :)

Amanda, I am far from domestic and I wish our dryer got those wrinkles out but NOPE I am out of luck on that one!... See More

Marlene, there will come a day when I will say that! Can't wait!

Lisa, when I can afford a dry cleaners I will be ECSTATIC!!!!! CAN'T Wait! See Aaron that could be your solution!

Steve Stingo Gutendorf wrote
You could make some good $$ doing that! The execs here at work drop theirs at the cleaners every week... I don't know what they charge but i would imagine around a buck a shirt. Ryan owes you steak dinner out now! :-))

Beth Willis wrote
First off that's a lot of shirts! Is that all dress shirts or are you ironing other shirts? We usually take them to the dry cleaners but haven't in a LONG time- I think it's WAY overdue. We don't actually own an ironing board so I end up using the table or counter and our iron stinks! I really think we need a new one because it just isn't doing a ... See Morevery good job at all these days (it's like it isn't getting hot enough or something). I have no patience for ironing so I think it's awesome that you did that!

AriAnna Johnson responded
Wow, I guess I have just never thought a dry cleaners did ironing! What the heck have I been doing! Well I guess one day I will take full advantage of that!

Steve, you are right I should start up a little side business!
And YES Ryan does owe me steak dinner now!
... See More
Beth, YES they are all dress shirts! Ryan is one of those guys that can only wear a shirt one time before it needs to be washed so he goes through 6 dress shirts in one week! Guess I need to just stay more caught up on the task!

Beth Willis wrote
Oh well I suppose it would be different if Josh were wearing dress shirts for his job- he only wears his on Sundays during church so we can go quite a bit of time between dry cleaning trips- although some of them at this point really need it- when you have kids that rub their faces all over dad at church and he doesn't realize it until we are at church the next week and he's wearing that shirt, LOL.

AriAnna Johnson responded
Beth, That is so funny! Buggers and all you got to love it!

Janine Huntsman Chambers wrote
I also spent a long time this morning ironing:(

Steve Stingo Gutendorf wrote
Here's just the thing... A mangle

AriAnna Johnson responded
Janine, Great job!
Steve, I just got on that link and YES that would be great to have a Mangle!

Janet Barber wrote
Bill's mother loved to iron and she was great at it. She had a home business - and 'suits' would bring their cleaning/ ironing to her. She did it for years!

Andria Cole Laws wrote
Uh Oh, Aaron IS totally in trouble!!! (:
Let the record show I stopped ironing his shirts after doing it faithfully and sweetly for nearly 6 years. What tipped the scale you ask?..... Maybe it had something to do with him knocking me up when our oldest was 2 and our other son was only 5 months old. With three little ones under the age of 3, I ... See Morefigured I had enough on my plate and he could handle his own ironing. (: Luckily he's matured enough since then to realize he can handle it from here. Aren't I a lucky girl?
After a few more years of marriage (and few more kids) you'll have Ryan trained too. Until then, buy the Stafford wrinkle free shirts from JCPenny. They are very low maintenance. (:

AriAnna Johnson responded
OH no Andria I was so hoping you would not get on here today but YES I totally agree with you! That many kids that little I would have to say I would say Ryan it's all you from here on out! I love you guys and how you love to have FB tiffs! I am sure they get resolved VERY fast though! ;)

And YES you are a lucky girl you and aaron are ... See More wonderful together even if you do like to fight on FB!!!! But all I can say is JCPenny's will get more of my business from here on out!

Aunt Janet, I guess some women are just made for it huh!

Ed Poyneer wrote
Sweety, has he got it GOOD!! My mom made me learn how to iron my own white shirts, and corduroy pants, when I was in high school, over 50 years ago. Neither of my wives have done my ironing!

Steve Stingo Gutendorf wrote
Maybe if Ryan just got a different job, like say, garage mechanic or garbage man.... Then he could wear the same old shirts everyday... ;-))

Becca Preator wrote
Oh my that is a lot of shirts. Nice job!

MarLa Mari Kepler wrote
Suggestions: Wrinkle out spray and a dryer!

Steve Stingo Gutendorf wrote
Leave it to MOM... :-))

AriAnna Johnson responded
Becca, I know huh! After this discussion though I might be traying some other things!

Mom, I will try it!

Steve, Aren't moms the BEST

Jen Ewell wrote
Holy Cow. You just won the award for the most comments on a status EVER!!!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Tomorrow my dad is celebrating 25 years with the Kent Fire Department! Dad congrats on 25 years of hard work and dedication! I know I have always had to share my hero with many others! And yes that is me as a little girl!
Love you dad!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bountiful Baskets

About 2 weeks ago I received an email from a lady at church asking me if I would be interested in participating in a program like this:

You pay 15.00
Get a big basket full or fruit and veggies

So of course I was interested because Ryan and I spend easily 150 a month on such items so as I received more information about this program I was excited!!!!

Bountiful Baskets is an organization and allows you to buy food as a large group so you get it at a killer price. I priced out what I got this am and it would have easily cost me about 45.00! So was I excited for a great deal HECK YES!!! This gal worked so hard to get this into the area and it was the first time ever in Spokane WA!!!! YIPEE!!!

I so wish I would have known about this when I lived in Rexburg or Logan cuz it is big in both of those areas as well! You hear that ladies it is big in those areas let me know if you want more info and I can do my best to help you out. It is a little bit of an insider thing I guess as 75 people are allowed to participate in one group before another group has to be formed. Thus far I think it is only in Spokane WA, UT, ID and AZ!!!!!!! But they are big in those states with tons of location! So here is what I got today for only 15.00!!!!! How excited would you be?

Friday, March 5, 2010

New find!

So there is this really fantastic store I just found that is just a hop skip and jump away from my house! It is called Other Mothers! You take all of your unwanted kid items trade them in and get in store credit! Well anyone who knows me knows I love a great deal so why not go through Hunters stuff and get rid of things he just does not use or I am not really fond of! So I went with a box of stuff to trade in and got a bunch of in store credit to which I found this Item and snatched it up for only 9.00 off of my credit! YIPPEE think he might just want to camp out in his new fort ON HIS BED!!!! Thus far so good he is fast asleep inside it as I type! And as you will notice it is on his bed and NOT on the floor! The cool thing about this is it also has little tunnels that attach to it so in the daytime I can put it our for him to play with! LOVE IT!!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Music hour!

So I met this really nice lady at the library the other day and she invited Hunter and I to her music class that she teaches for FREE!!!! It is kinda like a pre-school music hour and Hunter loved it! I chatted with her after to see what it would cost us to be regulars and she said, "You just keep on coming until this session is over and then we will chat about you paying for next semesters session." So nice huh! I am excited about Music hour with Hunter every week! Sorry so much motions pic's are a little blurry! But you get the idea!