Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I am in LOVE

Yes it was another adventurous day and it was so fun! A good friend of mine came over to go walking with Hunter and I and as we were walking I discovered this cute little guy on the side of the road! We went into rescue mode and called the right numbers to get him help! They then told us to wrap him in a blanket take him home and they would send someone ASAP! Hunter volunteered his very own shirt and was so proud to save the little owl's life! We got him home and we were all in love with him! The poor little guy had a broken wing but the officer that came and got him said, "he should be just fine." What a fun day!

Doughnut luck

Today I took hunter to the bread factory and a as we were looking Hunter said to a complete stranger couple, "I am here to get a doughnut." They thought he was so cute they asked if they could buy him one! They were the cutest older couple ever I just thought that was so cute!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Snakes oh my

Last week Hunter and I went to the Creepy Crawler day at the library and it was so up Hunter's alley of LIKES in this world! He had so much fun and listed to every work that the presenters were saying! At the end of it they oppened up the time for questions and Hunter raised his hand! Although they did not choose him until the last he was patient and then when he was chosen he said, "do I get to hold a snake?" The presenters said, "on that note YES lets end and everyone can touch the snakes." Hunter was so excited he clapped for himself!

As you can see most the kids in this class were much older than him but it did not phase him he waited his turn and loved it! When he got to the first snake instead of just reaching out to touch them he waited until they said it was ok! When we were all the way through the line Hunter asked if he could go again! Because he was so great the presenters let the snake go all the way up Hunters arm and give him a kiss!

This was a fun afternoon!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A long lost friend!

A few weeks ago I received an email on my FB account that put me into tears! Not many of you know much about my childhood but for those of you who do you know that I lived EVERYWHERE! While I was in Scotland many things were going on in my life that were LIFE changing and during this time of Chaos I met a girl who made me smile! After leaving Scotland her and I kept in touch for years until for some reason we lost touch! I would often look for her on internet searches and was never successful! Now over 15 years after loosing touch I receive this:

Hi, my name is Fiona. I born in Greenock, Scotland in 1974 and lived there until I was 17. I remember a little girl and her mum coming to church there a few times and I kept in touch with Arianna when they moved. Are you the Arianna I kept in touch with?
Looking at your fb page your family names look familiar and I'm sure if I look hard enough I would find the letters which I'm sure would confirm that! You were probably too young to remember being in Scotland but I'm sure your mum could tell you.
If you are the Arianna I'm looking for I've often wondered how you've got on, I was a rubbish pen pal!!!
Hope to hear from you soon,

Once again I find myself feeling so blessed for the people in my life! This was something I wanted to remember forever!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Home Safe

So Ryan came home the other day with a gift for Hunter! A FROG!!! On of the gals from his office had caught if for him and thought he would like it! I was excited and thought, "cool, keep it a week and then let it go!" Well the last day my mom was here she took Hunter to the pet store and not only came home with crickets but also another companion frog and an aquarium with all the extras! Hunter has had so much fun with his frogs. Hunter named them Peter and Oscar!

HOWEVER I woke up to find one frog missing from the cage today! I spent the next 3 hours looking to only figured it was one of 3 things: Hunter set it free, one of the dogs ate it if Hunter got it out or the other frog ate it! So sad!! Started to work this afternoon the whole time thinking, " I hope he did not suffer." Then I heard it. RIB BIT! I stopped what I was doing... and ran like lightning upstairs only to find him in my kitchen sink! Little escape artist!

Anyways excited Oscar is home safe!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Well my mom spent 10 days with us and we had a ton of fun! We picked her up at the willards house 2 Sundays ago and kept her until my dad was able to come over the next week! It was a crazy fun filled 2 weeks with a ton of family activities! On Friday my aunt, uncle and grandma all decided to join us for the week! Grandma stayed at my house and between family dinners, games and late nights we had a great time! Here are some cute shots from our fun 10 days together! Oh and the last picture is the Halloween outfit my mom got for Hunter! CUTE HUH! Oh and it was both my Aunt Valerie's and Aunt Teressa B-days so we had a little bash for them!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


It was great having my dad and cody in town cuz we got this all done! And even though we got rained on we still had a blast and it looks amazing!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What do you see?

My mom is in town right now and took Hunter and I to Red Robin the other day for some yummy food! When I walked in this was the first thing I saw!!!! What do you think I see in this picture?

In case you did not notice I saw a BYU hat sitting in this machine just waiting for a wonderful home! Ryan still wonders why I did not put in a quarter and get it! ;)