Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Grandma ordered this set of Froggie boots, hat, scarf and gloves quite some time ago and Hunter has been very very patient! They came today!!!!! He had to run outside and see if they worked right!

Monday, November 29, 2010


Danniele and I had so much fun taking the boys and my mom sledding today! As you can see the boys had a great time as well! I have to say it was one killer hill! I can't wait to take Ryan on this one as well! The hill was so steep we had to crawl up it at times! Oh and check out the look on my mothers face! She was not nervous at all!!! :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I have envisioned this cabinet/hutch for a long time! I so love shabby things and this one is just about as shabby as they get! I designed it, Ryan built it and then we upholstered the back board and I finished the Shabby painting job! I am excited this one turned out so cute because the next one we make we are going to sell! I love working side by side with my Hubby!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving in Moses Lake!

Although the drive was a little on the scary side, we made it there and home safe and sound!

We were blessed with such a fun day, good friends, fun family, yummy food, lots of laugs and ourside fun! Thanks guys for such a fun time!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Grace and Hunter

We have always been so blessed with wonderful neighbors! Grace is one of Hunter's Favorites! He may not look thrilled in this photo but I am telling you now they had a ball together in the first snow fall of the year! Yeah for lots of snow!

Holiday Projects

I don't have the machine to cut these out yet but one day I will! I had a friend cut them out for me last year and I am just now getting to decorate them! I had so much fun!

In and Out in 45

If you can believe it, my husband and I braved Walmart last night at 11:45! And if you can believe it we were home and in bed by 12:45! And it is a 10 min drive at least!

Here was out list of things we needed.

Shop Vac $15.00
2 Games for Hunter $8.00
1 pair of PJ's $4.00
Pack of playdough $8.00
Lego's $15.00

Being the 5th person in line= PRICELESS
Seeing Ryan ditch the shopping cart and put everything on his shoulder when he realized what line I was in= PRICELESS as well!

That is a case of right place right time for sure! I have no idea how it happed because the lines went all the way back to the electronics! But in a moment of confusion I took advantage of a line that just oppened! Good thing I was paying close attention I may still be in line!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Carbon WHAT

About 1 hour ago I walked in the door with Hunter and 2 of his friends only to hear a sound I have never heard before! My Carbon Detector was going off like crazy! So first thing I do is call my dad and asked him what to do! So he told me to call 911 and have them check the levels in my house! While on the phone with the Fire Department I politely asked them to come in an unmarked van or something! They laughed and said, "we still have to take the rig" I then said, "can you make sure not to have sirens or light on PLEASE!" What can I say, I have very caring neighbors who may just freak out (Example: SHANNON) if they see this! Needless to say all is well in my house and Shannon came to visit! Thanks for being such a great neighbor my dear!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Seattle has snow AS DO WE!

My dad had a busy night at the station the other night if you can't tell! Seattle does not get much snow, but when they do it keeps the Fire Department Very busy!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Young Women in Excellence

So we have been crazy busy preparing for this night! My part was decorating, I think it turned out pretty nice! Between what I had everyone bring we were able to decorate the whole room very nicely. The whole night was wonderful! I feel so blessed to work with such great ladies that care about the Young Women so much! We are a great team for sure!

Together forever!

I went in to pick Hunter up from Nursery today and his teacher (a good friend of mine) told me the cutest thing!

Today they learned about the importance of Temples and Eternal Families.

LDS.org - Liahona Article - Why These Temples

As they were doing the lesson Hunter told them all about his brother Hudson who passed away! He said, "Hudson died and is in Heaven but I love him." How special it is to me as a mother to hear such sweet things! We are so blessed to have 2 little boys that are forever ours! I am greatful for the gospel that gives me the knowledge that, "Families are together Forever"

Friday, November 19, 2010

YW fundraiser

Although the weather was far from desirable, our girls did such a great job and making everyone that showed up for the shoot wonderful! The fundraiser was a huge success all around and we really appreciate our 2 wonderful photographers who dedicated so much time! Here is a shot of all the girls and our 2 photographers! (This is with my cell phone sorry not to great but you get the idea)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A new Train Restaurant

Hunter loves trains and when Grandma is in town she always takes us to one! This time we tried a new Train restaurant an it was awesome!

Belated Birthday

Dr. Pearson came in to work the other day with a belated Birthday cake for Ryan! I laughed that it had a cow on it because you see, she teases Ryan endlessly about milk! Well, he is an Idaho boy working for a non milk drinking Dr.! Gotta love it! We sure do feel so blessed to be here in Spokane working for such a great group!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Open mouth insert foot!

So last night for family night we went to a local grocery store to get a doughnut! As we were getting ready to leave I notices a clearance cart that had 8 vases with flowers in them! (looks like something you might get in a dollar store) They had the price 1.99 on them which I thought was very high considering the quality! You may be wondering why I was even looking at them in the first place. On Sunday we have what is called Young Women in Excellence and I am in charge of decorating! I though they may be cute just on the food table. When I saw them my mind said, "If they say 1.99 on them the sale price has got to be way less than that!"

As I go up to customer service with my arm full of these tiny tiny cheap little vases I ask the lady what the price is on these? She was not sure so she asked a clerk that then told me they were 10.99 each!!!!! "Say WHAT??" 10.99? Who would pay that for those?

I told her she may be wrong as the price on them reads 1.99! She then very agitatedly said, "NO THAT IS THE SALE PRICE!" I was in shock WOW, I said, that seems really high for these! I think I may just get better quality at the dollar store." She seemed very upset at me for thinking they were so cheap I then said, "I'm sorry I'll just go and put them back I cant do 1.99 each for those."

After we grabbed our doughnuts and went the the customer service desk yet again the lady that had originally helped me leaned in and said, "Sorry about that price she has a personal attachment?" I was so curious what that meant, that I asked her, "what do you mean?"

She then proceeded to tell me the lady we had asked about the price was the one who made them!!!!!


I felt so bad for saying they were not even dollar store quality!

What can you do ?????

Friday, November 12, 2010

All my family pictures are ready to see!

Go here to see them all! I am so excited about them! I have no idea which ones to choose!!!!

Cut and paste this in your URL!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chuck e Cheese

Hunter has been asking for months if we can go to Chuch e Cheese's! Well today was his lucky day! Good thing Grandma comes around she spoiled him today! It was a ton of fun!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

5 Years ago!

5 years ago I held you for the first time! 5 Years ago you were free of all the wires and medicine that tied you to this world! 5 years ago we prayed a miracle would happen so that we could keep you with us on this earth! 5 Years ago we realized you were a miracle! 5 years ago we realized the true meaning of Forever Families! 5 years ago I held you for the last time on this earth! 5 Years ago we thanked you for spending 19 days with us! 5 years ago we said, "Goodbye"!

Hudson David Johnson October 21st 2005 - November 9th 2005

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sneak Peak!

I have been so excited for family pictures you have no idea! We have not had any taken since Hunter was 1 and now he is 3! Can you believe this is just the Sneak Peak from our Photographer! I can't wait to see some more! How will I ever choose which ones to print and put up on the wall! Thanks again Misty for all your hard work! Also thanks for incorporating my 200+ year old trunk that I love so much! You did AMAZING!

Limo Fun

Today was such a busy day! I started out the day with Super Saturday (this is an all day craft day for ladies at my church) When I got home from that it was time to get all ready for family pictures at 3pm! As we were headed out the door my good friends Husband called me and asked if we would join them later that night for a Limo ride and Red Lobster! How could we say no! So here it is, the fancy LIMO we got to ride in! It was such a fun night!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Spokane YW's Fundraiser

If you are in Spokane Area and wish to join us let me know ASAP

Spokane 6th Ward YW
Cordially Invite
Members, Co-workers, Family, Friends & Neighbors
to Our
Family Portrait
Girls Camp Fundraiser
~ Saturday, November 13 ~
appointments from
9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Barn across the street from 3107 S. Glenrose

Please contact Ja’Nette Spencer
for appointment availability, portrait package orders,
Photo card design options, payments & questions

#1 One professional family portrait,
burned to a disc with rights to the image - $25
#2 All of package one & an 11x14 color print - $30
Set of 50 photo cards & envelopes, stuffed but not sealed - $20
Each additional set of 25 - $10
With much gratitude to photographers Misty Alger & Amy Stinebaugh for volunteering their time & talents