Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fun day

I feel so blessed to have Hunter and really enjoy the fact that we have fun together! Yesterday Hunter and I went to the outdoor water park for the WHOLE day and had so much fun! Thanks for a fun day buddy!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another project

On Saturday Ryan and I went our Garage Sale shopping for a few hours this poor mirror was so cute and so beat up! Someone had gouged the wood like crazy and the stain looked like it came out of the 70's! Dark and dreary! I so wish pictures could do this piece justice cuz it turned out so much better than we thought! After filling in all the gouges with wood puddy and shaping it just so, we did yellow then crackled it with white one top! I hate to sell it but until it sells in my room she goes! Yeah for another fun project!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Lets just say 11:30PM Laughter and a game of tooting in the bathroom and Hunter accomplished the dreaded fear of pooping on the pot! Yeah dude you are number 1!

He actually wanted his picture taken right after so here it is HUNTER IS NUMBER 1

Friday, June 25, 2010


Tell me do you think he looks nice and cozy????? I laughed so hard when I saw this is how he fell asleep today! With my husband being a Chiropractor the first thing he asked me if I moved him after taking these pic's! YES I DID!


So the other day Ryan was working on his car and this is what he tells me. Hey honey look what happened to my ring? I say, "how did your ring melt?" He says, "oh I accidentally hit the battery when I was fixing the car and I got shocked!" Um what you got shocked by a battery in your car and it melted the silver on your ring??????? YIKES HUH! Just glad he is ok and not hurt!

11 Years

Wow, who would have guessed that such a good friend would be stopping by! Tara and I were pretty much inseparable through our HS years and yet through college and married life we have failed to get together. I had so much fun with her stopping by yesterday and wished she could have stayed 10 times longer than she did! Boo on not seeing her in 11 years but, yeah on the fact that Spokane is a great stopping place for her as she heads home for any visits! It was a great day yesterday!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New towels

So my parents were here to visit last week and as they were leaving my mom turns to me and says, "by the way, here is 50$ spend it on ONLY new towels!" I knew my towels were in pretty bad shape but I guess after 7 years of using them they are now officially shop towels! Thanks mom for buying me 50$ worth of TOWELS!!! You will be so proud of me for all the new towels I purchased and look I even managed to get 2 decorative towels to go with my cute window I did last year! Oh how I loved showering just because I knew I would get to wrap up in nice NEW cozy towels!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day

Happy dads day to you RYAN! Him and Hunter built the tent in my dining room so we could have our lunch and dinner in there! It made for an adventurous Fathers day but I know Ryan had a great time and so did Hunter and I! We are so blessed to have Ryan in our lives! Even more blessed that both of us came from wonderful Fathers!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

9 family yard sale

Last weekend a bunch of us had a yard sale over at a friends home and we said that if there was still stuff left we would have one at my house this weekend and invite more families! Lets just say it was HUGE!!!! Everyone had a great time and there was never a slow moment with shoppers! It was so funny because at 5 we posted what was left for FREE on CL and within 10 min I had to take the posting down! Crazy Crazy but it was so much fun and the weather was awesome!
Oh yeah and this pic was taken closer to the end of the day you should have seen how much stuff was out there in the early AM!!! We even had a lady come from a children's store and she literally filled a truck and tailor with all our stuff!

I loved that people kept asking me if I was a hoarder though! I kept having to say this is over 9 families I promise!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Parents here again!

We had so much fun with my parents here again! They got here on Tuesay and left on Friday! The only bummer was the bad weather! Here is a couple pics of when we took Hunter to the Jump and Bounce! The first shot is of him and some random cute little girl that took a liking to Hunter!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I wanna play with Isa????

So today was such a fun day, Julie (a good friend of our families came and spent the whole day with Hunter and I) And during the day Hunter really wanted to play with his little neighbor friend Isa? Can you tell just how bad he wanted to go play with her? I just wonder how long it will take him to get fully over the fence.
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How is it that you can keep such a clean house and this can still get in to your home? YIKES!!!

If there is anything in this world I really dislike it is snakes and spiders! Sadly my child loves both! He even wanted to take the spider out to hold it! YUCK!

My cute neices

I just had to put this photo up on my blog to show off just how cute some of our family is! I realized looking back through my blog just how many pics I have of Kameron's family but I have hardly any of Shannons girls.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sunny Day

Finally we got some sunshine here! Everyone her in Spokane has been telling me how unusually wet it is for this time of year! Poor Hunter has been doing a ton in side and today hit about 7 and we went to the park! We are now cooped up again due to the rain! Lets just hope Summer hits Hard and Fast!

This second picture is of Hunter being a Ninja Snake Hunter!!!! Gotta love the LOVE he has for those slithery slimy things! ;)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

More projects

So yesterday we had such a fun day out in our garage! Ryan worked on a project that will be amazing when it is done and I worked on doing these two shelves to put in a garage sale on Friday/Saturday! But oh man oh man I think I am love with the double shelf and kinda want to keep it! I sure wish I had before shots of these two because they were so sad and lonely! Oh so cute now! I love doing projects like these!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Look he can spell his name!

So a while ago Hunter started being able to write his H's and I was so excited about that! But today her said, "mom, can I spell my name?" I said, "sure Hunter!"

He brings me a paper and this is what was one it! WOW, That is pretty good for not even working with him on how to spell his name! I guess I should start working on it now huh? He did so good! In case you can't read this paper it says: HUNTER!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day adventures

So our weekend was very productive! Ryan got off work in the afternoon on Friday and we were off to Seattle to help my parents move into the U district! The weekend went just as planned my mom played with Hunter and we worked our butts off! We got a ton done and were so grateful for the people that pitched in to help out! I was also so excited to see my best friend Chrissy Yet again! We are starting to see each other more than we have ever managed to in our lives it is awesome!

Productive weekend and now we are back to the work week here in Spokane! But I wanted to tell a funny story about our way home first!

Ryan and I started the trip home pretty darn tired but managed to do really well! We sure were grateful we were not in the traffic headed towards Seattle cuz that was crazy slow and backed up just about the whole way from Seattle to Spokane! At Cle Elum Ryan and I decided to stop and grab some food and let Hunter play for a little while! As we were getting back onto the freeway we were shocked to hit TRAFFIC!!!! What, it was totally clear up until now! So we patiently went 10 miles an hour for about 1 hour when we passed a sign that said, SEATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT????? Did we really just spend a whole our going the wrong direction 10 miles an hour!! YEP~ So we did an illegal u-turn (don't tell) and managed to get back on the freeway going the right direction! So in the end our 4.5 hr drive home took us 6.5hrs!!!! URG!!!!!! We were able to just laugh at ourselves though!