Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kids do the funniest things

Hunter Loves to sit in things that he doesn't quite fit into!

Wears shoes a few sizes to big!!!

Colors anywhere but the book!!!

And then when the day is over he says prayers just like he should! The joys of being a mom are endless huh? I love my job!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our random happenings!

Hunter had a ball coloring some b-day cards for Grandma Johnson!

Grandma Kepler came for a week long visit and we had so much fun

Hunter when Grandma Kepler Left, he did this for like and hour when he realized she was gone. It was so sad!!!!! But we sure did have a good time with here here!

Hunter got a little happier the longer he played with his bear though.

Hunter had full intentions of being awake to see what ryan and he picked out for me for Valentines Day!!!! Guess that is what getting up at 5:30 will do to you.

Hunter loves to walk around in our shoes! I have a picture of me doing the same thing. He gets so much joy out of walking in big shoes.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Finally I can feel at home!!!!

Well, as promised I took a few pictures and wanted everyone to share is some fun house pictures. We sure are excited about taking a job in the logan area, we always felt right about this area and so we are here to stay. I have had so much fun making this house all cozy. In our whole married life ryan and I have never been able to unpack everything as we have moved many times. I can say I have sucessfuly broken down every box so that we can burn them in our fireplace. That is a great feeling. This is hunter being the best little helper in the world.

Hunter did this all by himself!!!

This is a shot of my really cheep furnature I found on I love that place. I was able to get 4 oversized chairs, 2 just sitting chairs, 1 ottoman, 3 loveseats and 2 benches for under 400.00!!!!!!!!!! I was thrilled.

We have a laundry shoot!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I have internet now!!!

Well, where do I begin.....

Lets just start with our move to idaho! We moved into my brother in laws home in beautiful cub river idaho and we lucky enough to live in his vacation home for 4 months. During this busy time in our life we had many fun things happen.
Well, where do I begin.....

Lets just start with our move to Idaho!

This was just after we moved to Idaho!!!! HALLOWEEN TIME IS SO MUCH FUN! As you can tell little hunter was a cowboy. He loved his gun.

While Ryan was busy doing his internship hunter and I had a ton of fun! It sure was great when we got the first snow fall! And let me tell you something, we got a bunch.

Hunter didn't really know what to do with himself... It was so cute seeing him in his snowsuit.

Then we went to my parents for Christmas and had a ton of fun.

He also loved my parents dining nook where grandma bought him his own Christmas tree. He sat there every day waving at everyone that went by.

Here is a fun shot of him and grandpa in the snow.

Then of course we came home to Idaho just in the middle of a snowstorm and let me tell you we got a ton... I love it though.

Our plans did however take a dramatic turn on is during out Christmas break and so we decided to take a job with the Dr. Ryan interned with and move into a home. Things are really going well and we are happy to be here in the Logan area. Also we just live in the cutest home and I hope to be here for a very long while. I will make sure to post some pic's soon.

And last but not least I just have to mention our little monkey! There is nothing he can't climb! I found him like this many a times and yesterday while ryan was hanging pic's up on our walls with a ladder Hunter was not far behind him.